This page contains meditations that may be used for various purposes.


“The Lord is my shepherd”

            The Lord is ever watchful of my comings and goings

            The Lord is in front of me

            The Lord is beneath me

            The Lord walks beside me

            The Lord is behind me


“ I shall not want”

            Thank you Lord for giving me what I need

            Thank you Lord for grounding me in faith

            You remind me your grace is sufficient

            When I awake in the morning you are there

            You are with me no matter where I go 

            When go to bed you are with me

            I am in awe


“he makes me to lie down in green pastures”

            his fields are luxurious places of rest when I am                                exhausted

            I lay down my weary head on the cushion of grass

            I take in it’s fragrant aroma

            I feel the cool earth beneath me

            he lavishes me with food to satisfy my hunger


“he leads me beside still waters”

            The Lord gives me the gift of water

            The Lord gives me a quiet place of refreshment

            Water washes the sweat from my brow

            Water cleans and soothes my body

            Water energizes me and I feel alive again 

            You saved your children by parting the Red Sea

            The water of my baptism cleanses me

            I am made new and Christ lives in me


“He restores my soul”

            You take my weary, shattered and scarred life

            You touch me in the deepest part of who I am

            You touch me in the midst of my illness and pain

            You touch me in the midst of my injuries from violence

            You touch me in the midst of my poverty

            You touch me in the midst of my oppression

            Your touch gives me peace, strength, and healing

            I am able to look at these injustice straight in the eye

            I am able to call them by name

            I am able to say to my tormenters you do not have the                     last word in my life



”He leads me in right paths for his name’s sake”

            Lord you take me on life’s journey as a pray-er

            My prayer surrounds me with each step I take

            I am a pray-er for those I love

            I pray-er when I care those who are grieving

            I hold Jesus before looking to him for guidance

            I pray each day, take me where you want me to go

            Sometimes I don’t want to go where he calls me

            Sometimes my guilt consumes me

            I pray, ‘Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.”

            I am a forgiven pray-er.

            Thanks be to God


“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil for you are with me”

            I cannot  fathom walking without you, Lord.

            You are with me in darkness of horrific pain from                             sickness, abuse, poverty, and hunger

            You are with me when I see no way out of the valley

            You are with me when I face the daily dyings of spirit                       and soul

            You are with me when I face my own death



“your rod and your staff, they comfort me”

             In my human way, I try to not be fearful

            Lord you know I need your reassurance

            You love me regardless of my sin and brokeness.

            Lord, you comfort me in the darkest hours of my life

            Lord you hold me close in the crook of your staff

            Lord, your rod is your shield

            You ward off danger and protect me


“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”

            My broken body sits before my enemies

            I see the faces of those who have harmed me

            I see my own enemies seated within me

            I see my anger, my vengefulness, my bitterness,    

            Lord, is this what you mean by facing my fears?

            Lord, you want yo save me from my enemies

            My own enemies take up space in my heart

            They encroach upon the space in my heart and soul                        where you, Lord need to live in my life           

            Am I so preoccupied with my enemies, I can’t see the                      banquet you have prepared for me



“You anoint my head with oil, my cups overflows”

            Lord, you make me the honored guest by anointing me

            I am filled to the depths of my soul with your presence

             I see the table spread with the bread and the cup

            I see your body and blood, Lord

            You show me your life given for me

            As you empty yourself, you fill me with your spirit

            I am forgiven and blessed and called

            I have room Lord, for you to live in me

            You have shown me what is good and right

            I empty myself for others as I offer forgiveness

            May my forgiveness overflow to bring healing to others

            May my forgiveness overflow to bring healing in my life


“Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life”

            I am your crowning glory in all of creation

            You remind me I am your beloved child

            I celebrate your unconditional love for me

            Your ever present spirit calls me to bring you glory

            I bring you glory when I feed the hungry

            I bring you glory when I cloth the naked

            I bring you glory when I give water to the thirsty

            I bring you glory when I die to my own selfishness

            I bring you glory when I share your healing touch

            I bring you glory when I am merciful

            I bring you glory when I nail my sins to your cross

            It is then that I know your glory in my heart and soul


And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever

            Lord, I see your house through a mirror dimly

            I see the heavenly choir

            I hear their songs of joy

            A feast is prepared for my homecoming

            It exceeds anything I have seen in this life

            I see the home you have prepared for me

            Every tear will be wiped dry

            I sense the great peace and healing and joy of dwelling                    with you on that day, Lord forever.

Written by Claire Yoder of America, North.