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PrayerList for the Unity Women’s Desk

October 2017

Please continue to pray for those who have been so greatly affected by the hurricanes in the Caribbean and Southern United States and also by the earthquake which occurred in Mexico.  The Southern United States seems to be on the road to recovery while the waters are receding.  While there are no Moravian Churches in Texas, we do have a fraternal relationship with the Unity of the Brethren there.  A team from the Northern Province has gone there to help. The Moravian congregations in Florida have reported that there has been some damage to various church properties and member homes, but they have not at this time identified a concentrated area of damage to require immediate assistance.  In the EWI Province, St. Johns and St. Croix have been the hardest hit areas. The sanctuary and manse of the Emmaus Church have been destroyed and the roof of the Bethany Church has been blown off. Antigua is helping with the recovery efforts in Barbuda. Cuba was also hard hit and the first Provincial Synod there had to be postponed.  Prayers and donations are all needed to help with restoring normal life to these areas. Puerto Rico was especially hard hit by the latest hurricane with no power on the whole island.  There are no Moravian churches there, but they need our prayers as water and food are in short supply and with no electricity there is very little communication with the outside world.

Pray for our sisters in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rebel forces in Uvira have forced the closure of the orphanage there. There are so many needs in the Congo and very few resources available to them.

Pray for the outcomes of the first Provincial Synod held in the Mission Province of Cuba.  Although the Synod had to be postponed, they were able to hold the Synod in late September.

Give thanks and praise for the special seminar conducted in Honduras for the women in the four “zones” into which the Provincial Coordinators have divided the country for administrative purposes.  There were sessions on the training and strategic themes of the work of the UWD, small business finance, time management, violence against women, and improving the lives of women. Sr. Luz Yesenia Alvarez, Br. Rick Nelson, Wesly Miller, and Sr. Elizabeth Coleman facilitated the sessions.

Pray for Sr. Ghada Nasser who has served as the director of the Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center for the last eight years.  She will be leaving this position on October 30.  We will miss her very much and pray that she will be successful in whatever she does in the future.

Sr. Liba  Bernardova writes that the congregation of the Czech Mission Province  will realize the reconstruction of the old church building this year in Prague.  They hope that the church will be ready by Christmas.  It is a great hope for the future of their Christian work for the people of the Mission Province.  Pray that the Lord may bless them with the fulfillment of this hope by Christmastime.  

Pray for the Mission Conference of the Unity that will be held November 15-20, 2017 in Capetown, South Africa. Pray for those who are making preparations for the conference and for those who have been selected as delegates.

 Pray for peace in our world.  The situation in Korea remains very troubling. Pray for calmer heads to rule and for all to see that war is not the answer here—rarely is war ever an answer.

Pray for improved racial relations throughout the world. Zenophobia is a problem in many areas of our world at this time when political and situational refugees are seeking a safe haven.  Pray that we all may see others around us as children of God who need a safe place to live and work and raise their children.

Pray for the many rallies held by women at this time of year.  Many women’s groups hold bazaars to raise money for their churches’ needs.  May it be a time of fellowship and resource building to address the needs of people in their communities.

Pray for the supplies of Layettes of Love, Birthing Kits, and “Days for Girls” Reusable Sanitary Pads that are on their way to Tanzania.  We had great difficulty finding a shipping company willing to take them there from North Carolina in the USA.  Now they are on their way and we hope they will bless the women who receive them to have healthy births for their babies, new clothes for their newborns, and that girls will be enabled to stay in school during that time of the month when they are having their menstrual cycles.

Give thanks and praise for the successful fundraising campaign that is being held in the Southern Province of the USA. Because of this campaign we will be better able to give scholarships and support more projects in the various provinces.  A special effort is being initiated to raise money to give better scholarship funds to women who are going to seminary.  Please continue to pray that these funds can be raised to help our women who are answering Christ’s call to ministry.

Pray for our children.  Let us all work for a better world for them than they are experiencing right now with so much chaos and uncertainty.  May the Lord bless and keep them.

Pray for the Synod of the Zambia Province which will take place on 26th-28th October 2017.


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