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PrayerList for the Unity Women’s Desk

December 2017

As this Advent Season begins, let us pray that our hearts may be filled with the Spirit of love with which God sent His son into the world at Christmas time. May our love and devotion to our Savior be renewed during this season that we may better serve Him now and in the year to come. May our hearts be filled with love and compassion for those we meet during this season and may that love be an invitation to others to seek Jesus in their own lives. May the Spirit of giving lead us to make Christmas “merry” for others who may not be as fortunate as ourselves.

Give thanks and praise for the very successful World Mission Conference which was held in Capetown in November.  May the insights and inspiration gained there benefit the spread of the gospel in the new year.

Pray for peace in our world.  There is so much violence and hatred being shown around the world.  May we find ways to counteract these acts of violence with love and compassion.

Pray for Christians in India who are undergoing persecution for their faith, as well as Christians everywhere who are being persecuted.

Pray for the people of Albania who are experiencing floods this winter.   Pray that our small church there may do great things in the name of the Lord to help with this situation.  May the Lord continue to bless all their efforts.

Pray for the peaceful outcome of the elections in Honduras.

Pray for the Moravian Church in the DR Congo Province.  Civil war has broken out once again and put the ministries of the church in jeopardy.  Give thanks for the work being done there by the Danish Board of Mission.  Also give thanks that through the generosity of a friend of the UWD, the maternal ward there can now be completed.

Give thanks and praise that the Czech Mission Province will realize the reconstruction of the old church building there and will be able to hold Christmas worship services there for the first time in many, many years.  The church will provide great hope for the future of their Christian work there for the Czech people.

Give thanks and praise for the successful Synod held in Suriname in August of this year.  A new Provincial Board was installed last month, with Br. Desiree Peerwijk as Praeses and with eight qualified sisters (economists, lawyers, social workers and theologians) and seven brothers on the Provincial Board.  On 3 December,  Br. Renold Pansa was to be consecrated as the new Bishop.

Pray for the Czech Province as they continue to pursue the opening of the JAN BLAHOSLAV PEDAGOGICL AND SOCIAL HIGH SCHOOL.  There have been many setbacks in their efforts to open the school from the Ministry of Education. In the meantime, they are holding  intensive talks on a suitable building for the school.  In another piece of good news, the Moravian Primary School in Nova Paka opened in a new building for a nursery and primary school in September. The construction of the new building began in 2011 when the former building became too small to house the school. The new building was opened with a sense of great happiness on the day of the school’s 10th anniversary. Above all, we thank God who brought this ministry to a successful completion by way of His miracles.

Pray for the many girls and women who are now studying with scholarships from the UWD, for the many women who are now working in businesses funded by the UWD, and for the projects which were completed during the year with assistance from the UWD.  Give thanks that the Lord has blessed the UWD to be able to assist in these ways.  May the year of 2018, provide even more opportunities for the UWD to help our women to help themselves as they seek to improve their own lives and in turn help others to improve their lives as well.

Give thanks and praise for the hundreds of people who have made these grants possible with their contributions.  Even more importantly over 1,000 people are on our monthly PrayerList who daily pray for the work of the UWD and the concerns listed on our PrayerList each month.  Those of us who work with the UWD can feel the power of these prayers at work as we attempt to carry on the tasks given to us.  We thank you, we thank the Lord for you, and we thank the Lord for answering your prayers and for blessing the work we try to do.  Without these prayers, our work would come to nothing.  With these prayers we have been able to affect the lives of women around the world.  Bless you all.

During this past year we have lost several of our most generous and faithful supporters.  While we are grateful to know that they are now with the Lord for eternity, we will miss their notes of encouragement and support in so many ways.  During this joyful time of celebration, we ask that you remember any of them that you knew and give thanks for their support for the UWD since its inception.  May each of us make a lasting commitment to some way of making this world a better place as they did.

May each of you have a very blessed and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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