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PrayerList for the Unity Women’s Desk

February 2018

On February 14th, the Season of Lent begins.  Many people use this as a time of giving up some pleasure or activity.  May we suggest that you use the season as a time to take on something new.  Perhaps you might pray for a particular area of the world each day during Lent.  Perhaps you might give up something and use the time or money to help someone in need. Whatever you discern to do, remember that this is a time for reflecting our Lord’s sacrifice on the cross for us and for renewing our dedication to service in His name. May it be a time of blessing as you prepare to celebrate His resurrection on Easter Sunday.

February 14th is also St. Valentine’s Day.  Pray that the love expressed in gifts and cards may be lived out throughout the year.

Pray for the work of Sr. Melania Mrema of the Southern Province in Tanzania.  She writes that there has been an increase in the number of children who are testing HIV positive.  She is working with children from 2 years to 18 years of age.

Pray for the education of young girls in South Africa.  Sr. Angelene Swart recently shared a report that stated that there are 130 million girls in the world who are not receiving an education 53 million of those girls live in Africa. This emphasizes the importance of our mission, one girl or woman at a time.

Pray for the girls and women who are able to pursue an education with UWD scholarships.  Pray for those preparing to take examinations to see if they can pursue further education and for those who have already taken the examinations and are awaiting the outcomes.

Pray for the people of Zambia where there is an outbreak of cholera.  Our thanks to Sr. Elizabeth Mbao for alerting us about this concern.

Pray for the Unity Mission and Development Board which will be meeting February 6-8, 2017 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Pray for the people of the DR Congo as they experience renewed unrest there.

Pray for the Burundi Mission Province that they may find unity of purpose in their work for the Lord.

Pray for Sr. Dena Fortuzzi who is taking classes online from Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in preparation for entering the ordained ministry.  She will be the first native Albanian to serve the Kisha Luterane Moraviane Shqiperi (Moravian Church in Albania) as an ordained pastor.  Sr. Dena and several other leaders have been serving as lay pastors with Br. Jorgen Boytler visiting once every 3 months to serve Holy Communion and perform baptisms. The Lutheran-Moravian Church in Albania will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in June.

Pray for rain in South Africa.  They are suffering a serious drought and are limited to a small amount of water a day (50 liters).  Pray for the life-giving water they need for body and soul.

Please pray for the conferences to be held in Rio Coco District in Nicaragua on February 22 to 25.

Please check your local area for the celebrations of World Day of Prayer on March 2.  We also hope that you are planning a special event for the International Women’s Day on March 8.

Pray for the millions of women who suffer from sexual harassment or actual violence. May the Lord comfort them as they seek to address this issue in society.

Pray for our children who are attending school. Pray for their safety.  Pray that they may be learning how to make this world more just with their own actions and by encouraging their friends to treat others with dignity and respect.  

Pray for the safety of hundreds of thousands of women around the world who are participating in marches to show the leaders of their governments that they must be concerned for the welfare of women as they govern.   Those participating have shown true strength and courage as they have marched peacefully and without incident to show their solidarity as sisters. May the enthusiasm that comes from these marches become a catalyst for work toward more equitable treatment of women everywhere.

Pray for those who are hungry today.  Pray for mothers who must make a decision which of their children will eat today and which of them must wait until tomorrow to have food.  May those of us who have plenty give thanks for our daily bread and pray for wisdom to know how to feed those who do not have daily bread. Pray for those who are spiritually hungry that they may be fed by the word of God and the knowledge of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Give thanks and praise for the women of the Mid-States Region of the US who packed 236 Layettes of Love which are on their way to Honduras for distribution to the four Zones in the Honduras Province.   Our thanks to Sr. Tomas Agostas and Sr. Luz Alvarez for seeing that they are used to help women who have just given birth with a new outfit in which to take their babies home.

Pray for the Southern and Northern Provinces of the USA who will be holding provincial synods this spring and summer. May the daily devotions they have been given prepare their hearts and minds for the work they will be called to do at their synods.


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