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PrayerList for the Unity Women’s Desk

August 2017

Pray for our world. Pray for leaders who will seek justice and not personal gain for those they have been elected to serve. 

Pray for peace in our world.  May more attention be focused on feeding the hungry, finding safe and comfortable housing for people, and finding clean water and making it available to people.  May we put away our warring ways.     

Pray for women everywhere who are without homes and safe places to live. Pray for those who are refugees and those who are victims of domestic violence and who need places of safety to live.

Pray for women and children who do not have sufficient food.  Pray that more programs like the Infant Feeding Programs in Honduras may be started to be sure that no child ever dies from lack of nutritional food.

Pray for the over 70 girls and women who have received scholarship grants from the UWD.  Pray that those who have finished their education may have a positive impact on their families, friends, and their communities.  Pray that those who are still studying may be blessed in their work and that they may use all opportunities to learn and serve more faithfully.

Pray for women who must give birth in places where there are not sanitary conditions.  May the Birthing Kits provided by the UWD help to reduce maternal and infant deaths because of poor sanitation conditions.  Pray that the kits that are being sent will arrive at their desired destinations and may be a help to the women.  Pray for the midwives who work to bring these babies safely into the world.

Pray for those who are making mission trips to help our sisters and brothers in many areas of the world this summer.  May the Lord watch over them and keep them safe and may their efforts in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be blessed. 

Pray for the Rukwa Province Women’s Department which is working on a seminar on “Violence against Women” for all pastors, their wives and Secretaries of Women’s Work. Also pray for their committee, which will meet September 13-17, 2017 for selection of leaders like Chairman, vice chairman, secretary, etc.

Pray for the Morava Women’s Unit, which will be celebrating the XXXIV Anniversary of UMMON (the Nicaraguan women’s organization) on August 18- 20, 2017. Pray for the women’s safe journeys to the celebration.

Please pray for the International School in Nepal as it continues to grow and need space. The school is being held in rented buildings and with contracts with the landlord which are just for 5 years and often unpredictable. Pray for a larger space/building, good landlords, good teachers, enrollments and blessings on all involved in this ministry.

Pray for the program being planned for all of Tanzania and surrounding countries by Sr. Tuli Kassimoto and Sr. Mary Kategile. Sr. Tuli was inspired at the 2016 Women’s Consultation to return home and work with Sr. Mary on a Sunday School program that would address issues of justice for women.  We are very pleased that with assistance from the UWD, the Herrnhutter Mission Society, and the Maggie Styers Mission Chapter that sufficient funds have been raised to bring representatives from all these areas together to prepare teachers for this important work.  May they be a role model for other Provinces to follow.   

Pray for the work in Cuba that continues to grow and prosper for the Lord. Give thanks that the gifts of women are being used in this ministry.

Pray for the Advisory Board which will meet August 10, to make decisions about our Policies and Procedures Manual, the Provincial Surveys of all Provinces on the Ordination of Women, and on grants for scholarships and project support.  Pray for Sr. Angelene Swart, Sr. Sallie Greenfield, Sr. Muriel Held, and Sr. Erdmute Frank, who give so much of their time to oversee the work of the UWD.  They spend many hours each month studying requests and meeting to decide who will receive grants and how to best use the resources entrusted to the UWD.

Pray for the Mission Conference of the Unity that will be held November 15-20, 2017 in Capetown, South Africa. Pray for those who are making preparations for the conference and for those who have been selected as delegates.

Continue to pray for the “Standing with Our Sisters Campaign” in the Southern Province of America.  We are raising funds to assure the future of the UWD and to be able to raise the amounts we can allocate in each Province, Mission Province, and Mission Area.  Pray that other Provinces, Mission Provinces, and Mission Areas will find ways to support this work so that it can continue to grow and assist women throughout the Moravian world.

Give thanks and praise for the hundreds of sisters and brothers who have contributed so generously to the work of the Unity Women’s Desk.  Because of their generosity, we have been able to help many of our women and girls around the world.

Give thanks and praise for the many volunteers who help with the UWD work.  Without their help, we could not do many of the tasks of the UWD such as sending this PrayerList to those who do not have Internet.

Give thanks for the many volunteers in many countries who distribute this PrayerList to others so that prayers are constantly being raised up for our sisters around the world.


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