Zambia and Star Mountain Scholarships

The number one priority of the Unity Women’s Desk is the education of women.  Awarding two scholarships became our goal for 2012. Because of the success  of our fundraising efforts in 2011, we were able to award twenty scholarships to girls and women in Zambia, Peru, Star Mountain, Rukwa Province in Tanzania, and South Africa.  Already in 2013, we have renewed many of these scholarships and awarded nine new scholarships in Uganda and one new scholarship in India and one in Nepal.

With your continued generosity, we will be able to ensure that each of these girls and women will be able to continue her education through secondary school (high school) and possibly through university or seminary.  Thank you for all your support thus far.  Please consider making a contribution to the education fund of the UWD.

Click in the galleries on the right to view pictures of five girls from Zambia and three from Star Mountain who are currently enrolled for their second year of education from the UWD.