Areas of Focus

The Unity Women’s Desk focuses on disseminating information and finding and implementing resources to work on the seven issues explained below. Although other issues may be brought to the attention of the Unity Women’s Desk, these issues have been identified as being of prime importance at all three of the Women’s Consultations.

This website will disseminate information about these issues for women. It will also inform people about efforts that are already in place and how people can help.


Education is key to overcoming the problems of women around the world. We would like to identify places and programs that enable women to get the education they need to improve their lot in life. This particular program should appeal to women around the world for support with funding. Click here to learn more about our efforts to support education.

Violence Against Women

From the very first Consultation we were all astounded at the many forms of violence being perpetrated against women around the world. These forms include:

  • Rape
  • Incest
  • Rape to achieve ethnic cleansing as a weapon of war
  • Domestic violence
  • Female circumcision
  • Psychological violence done to women in the many ways they are discriminated against

Click here to read testimonials of women who have experienced violence in their own lives.

Employment and Overcoming Poverty

Once educated, our women should find it much easier to find employment and work their way out of poverty. The Unity Women’s Desk will assist in this endeavor by providing information about funding women’s entrepreneurial efforts.

In some areas, women may be able to obtain micro loans through two well established organizations — Oikocredit and Kiva.

In areas that are not served by these organizations, we encourage women to form cooperatives called Lending Circles. The Unity Women’s Desk will assist such Lending Circles with matching funds and by providing information about establishing good operating practices. Click here to learn about the loans that the UWD grants to Lending Circles.

Health Issues of Women and Children

While HIV-AIDS is a primary health concern, we would want to identify other illnesses (e.g., malaria, breast cancer, etc.) and provide information about prevention, treatments and cures. We would also like to know from women around the world what they are doing in the areas of prevention, treatment, and assistance and what assistance they could use to help with the programs they already have in place. Go to our Health & Wellness Tab to explore more information.

Parenting for a More Just World

To break the cycle of injustice against women, we will encourage parents (mothers and fathers) to raise children who respect women. Boys should be taught to respect their mothers and sisters, as well as other women in their communities. Girls should be taught proper self-respect as young women who are children of God.

Women in Ministry

We will provide Bible studies showing the love God has for women throughout the Bible and the special care Jesus showed for women in His own ministry. These Bible studies will be prepared to be used by both men and women.

The Unity Synod of 1957 approved the ordination of women. Despite that fact, there are still Provinces that do not ordain women and many places where women are discriminated against in calls to churches. Through Bible studies that show examples of women in ministry with Jesus and the disciples, we will dispel the myth that the Bible prohibits women from serving in the ordained ministry. We will also use the support of the Unity Board and our bishops to encourage acceptance of women in ministry.

We will offer support to women already engaged in ministry as well as support for those women who feel called to ministry but who do not have the support or resources to pursue the education and experience necessary to be ordained in their respective provinces.