Tijuana Flats Dinner Fundraiser

All are welcome to join the Unity Women’s Desk at Tijuana Flats on December 18, 2017 for a dinner fundraiser! Tijuana Flats (227 Harvey St. Winston-Salem, NC 27103) will donate 20% of each meal to the Unity Women’s Desk’s Standing With Our Sisters Campaign. Please RSVP here by December 15. If you do not get a chance to RSVP, that’s ok, come any way! So come out and see us any time from 5pm-9pm on December 18, 2017 at Tijuana Flats!

The Unity Women’s Desk’s story is a story of young girls and young women who are dedicated, faithful, and inspiring individuals. We have supported many girls who are the age of the average youth in the United States, and young adults can relate to trying to pay for college and trying to make a positive impact in their communities and in the world. That is what our girls and young women are seeking to do, and the Unity Women’s Desk is hoping to help them achieve their dreams! We want to create connections between the girls and women supported by the Unity Women’s Desk and the youth and young adults that are here in Winston-Salem. Both groups have so much in common, yet could learn so much from each other, and who doesn’t want to connect with another Moravian sibling? The Unity Women’s Desk is hoping, through this event, to create and foster those connections and to show the work that we have done to improve the lives of Moravian women and girls and how their strength, love, intelligence, and faith are inspirations to us all.

In the United States, one’s education is rarely questioned, but that is not true throughout the rest of the world, including in places where there are Moravians. The main focus of the Unity Women’s Desk is to provide access to education for girls and women so that they can have a chance at a better life; a life without abuse, fear of childhood marriage or pregnancy, a chance at being a successful businesswoman, a chance at changing the world, a chance to teach their children and them to school, a chance to prove that girls and women are brilliant, strong, and determined to make a difference. We also provide micro-loans to women who are looking to start businesses. When women start businesses they improve their own lives, the lives of their families, and they positively impact the economy of their community!

Do you want to know more or want to get involved! Come out and see us on December 18 at Tijuana Flats any time between 5pm and 9pm!

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