Sewing Machines (Caribbean)

We are looking for donations of good new and used sewing machines to send to places like Nicaragua, Honduras, and Cuba. (These are the only areas that have asked for sewing machines so far.)

Portable machines that will fit in carry-on-size luggage are preferred since we can send them with travelers for only a $25.00 extra baggage fee.  This is cheaper and more reliable than shipping them and not knowing whether they will arrive.

A resource has been located in North Carolina for new treadle sewing machines—no electricity needed. They are made without cabinets (which can be made locally after the machines are delivered providing employment for local trades people). Layettes of Love and Birthing Kits make good packing materials to include with the machines. If you are interested in purchasing such machines, contact the UWD for prices and ordering information.

Also, fabric is hard to come by in some areas, so limited amounts of fabric will also be received.

If you have a sewing machine or fabric to donate, contact the UWD Coordinator and let us know what type of machine or material you have. We will determine if we are able to take your donation at that time. We have limited storage space at our current office location.

Thank you for considering this way of supporting the work of the UWD.