Layettes of Love (Honduras)

Layettes of Love is a ministry that provides a packet of baby supplies to each mom who delivers her baby in the Ahuas Clinic in Honduras. This project is close to the hearts of the clinic staff. For most women, these supplies are sorely needed. For others, it is simply a way to bless the mother and her growing family.

The Ahuas Clinic provides one-on-one teaching with every new mom on breastfeeding and the basics of infant care in the day or two that she spends in the clinic after giving birth. The clinic distributes the packets, creating an opportunity to pray with and for the mother and infant.

The clinic does not stock linens the same way hospitals do in higher resourced areas of the world. If a family does not bring linens with them, it is left for the clinic staff to find creative ways of covering up a newborn. Having the layettes on hand provides clinic staff with a receiving blanket and hat to keep babies warm immediately after they are born.

The clinic averages one birth each day. It is the clinic’s dream to form relationships with 6-12 small groups (e.g., Bible studies, women’s prayer groups, etc.) who would collect baby items and send 1-2 months worth of layettes once a year.

If you live near Winston-Salem, you can collect items and drop them off at the UWD office in Old Salem at Cedarhyrst.  If you live in other areas, please contact us at or call 336-725-6413, and we will tell you whether a similar effort is being made in your area.

The following items are needed (these kits are for newborns, and the clothes should be in sizes appropriate for children that age):

receiving blankets
plain cloth diapers (fancy cloth and disposable diapers are not used)
diaper pins
infant clothes (preferably “onesies”)
bibs, spit cloths
teething rings
suitcases to transport the kits with people who are traveling to Honduras