Health Care Kits (Honduras)

If you are a member of a small group that would like to make a difference, but think you can’t travel to a foreign country or make a large contribution, here is an idea for you.


If you live near Winston-Salem, you can collect items and drop them off at the UWD office in Old Salem at Cedarhyrst.  If you live in other areas, please contact us at or call 336-725-6413, and we will tell you whether a similar effort is being made in your area.

The contents of each kit are as follows:

1 regular size bar of soap or 4 travel-size bars
One-A-Day multiple vitamin (seals unbroken)
Ibuprofen (seals unbroken)
1 6″ X 9″ notepad of paper (100 sheets)
15 oz. moisturizing lotion
1 pair of 8-9″ scissors
Nail clippers
1.4 oz deodorant
Travel-size mouth wash
1 toothbrush
1 travel-size toothpaste
Pen or pencil
Nail polish
Hair comb
Hair tie-back (ponytail holder)

The contents of the kit will fit in a ziplock bag. You may provide a whole kit or multiples of any items listed above. We also need used suitcases to transport the kits with people who are traveling to  Honduras.

With enough donations, we can extend this program to other provinces in our Unity.