Kigoma Sewing School

In 2008, Sr. Rachel Katale began dreaming and praying about having a sewing school and business in Kigoma, where she lives with her husband, Reverend Charles Katale. An experienced seamstress who makes beautiful clothes for herself and her family, Rachel wanted to share her skills and love of sewing with other women and girls in an effort to create employment in impoverished Kigoma.  She turned her dream into a business plan and submitted it to the Unity Women’s Desk in early 2012.

Rachel’s dream became a reality.  With a loan from the Unity Women’s Desk, Rachel was able to purchase several sewing machines, a knitting machine, and various supplies to start the school.  With another experienced teacher and eight students, she opened the school with the intent of training women and girls to sew and then when they are experienced to start selling their output.  From sweaters to school uniforms, the Kigoma sewing business will be able to become self-supporting and repay her loan within six years.  She is currently searching for a permanent location for the retail outlet.

Rachel’s story is one we would like to see repeated over and over again. To apply for a loan from the UWD, go to the Economics section of this website.  Study the Business Plan Template and Forming Lending Circles article.  When you have a business plan formulated, fill out a Business Loan Application and send it to the UWD.

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