Scholarship Assistance

The Unity Women’s Desk of the Moravian Church is offering assistance to girls and young women who want to attend a certified Primary School, Secondary School, High School, College and/or University in any of the provinces of the Moravian Church.

Scholarship Funds are allotted at $2,000.00 per Province, Mission Province, or Mission Area as funds are available.  It is the intention to continue to support any woman or girl in the pursuit of her education until she finishes her education.  It is the hope of the UWD to increase this amount as funds allow.

Financial Aid will be based on need and will require an applicant to submit information about her personal finances.  Awards of financial assistance may be used for a variety of needs—from personal needs such as uniforms, notebooks, writing materials and other items to assistance in paying part of the tuition or school fees.

The Advisory Board of the Unity Women’s Desk, including the Coordinator and a member from each of the four Regions of the Moravian Unity (Africa, America, the Caribbean, and Europe) will review all requests for Financial Aid.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship from the Unity Women’s desk, download the appropriate scholarship application form from the Application Forms page. Or select the appropriate form from the list below:

Applications should be sent to the Provincial Coordinator (PC) and Sub-Desk Coordinator (SD)  in your Region (Africa, America, Caribbean, Europe). Your SD will submit applications and recommendations to the UWD Advisory Board.

  • If you do not know who your PC and SD are: Go to Application Forms and find your region and province.
  • If you would like to provide financial support for scholarships: Go to How You Can Help > Financial Support >Scholarship Support.

Student Grants

The UWD also provides funds for non-tuition items, such as school supplies and uniforms. These funds are administered through such programs as the Adopt-A-Village program and at the request of Provincial Coordinators.