Author: Adriana Craver

The Contribution of Women in Mission

The world-wide Moravian Unity is planning a Unity Mission Conference in November 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa. The theme of the conference is : The Moravian Unity in Mission: Giving heed to God’s call in the 21st Century. I

Standing With Our Sisters–March Kick Off Event

“Standing with Our Sisters” Southern Province Kicks-off Campaign for the Unity Women’s Desk             As soon as the Christmas holidays were over, the Special Events Sub-committee of the Unity Women’s Desk (UWD) “Standing with Our Sisters” campaign met to begin

Standing With Our Sisters

“Our Lord Jesus entered into this world’s misery to bear it and to overcome it.  We seek to follow Him in serving His brothers and sisters.  Like the love of Jesus, this service knows no bounds.”             –This statement from