“Our Lord Jesus entered into this world’s misery to bear it and to overcome it.  We seek to follow Him in serving His brothers and sisters.  Like the love of Jesus, this service knows no bounds.”

            –This statement from our Moravian Ground of the Unity reminds us that we are called to share the boundless love of Jesus by serving others, and that in this way we truly follow Christ.  Standing With Our Sisters, the capital campaign for the work of the Unity Women’s Desk, enables all of us to serve in every province, mission area and undertaking of our Moravian unity. 

The Unity Women’s Desk, since 2011, has worked to improve the lives of women, girls and the places where they live and work.  Scholarships have enabled students to attend primary and secondary schools, college and seminary.  Loans have helped women to start business enterprises to support their families and thereby positively impact their wider community.  Grants have funded programs which minister to the physical and spiritual well-being of both church members and those touched by the mission of the church. Wonderful things have been happening and it is a joy to share in the success of each student, each business, and each outreach project.  There is also opportunity to increase our efforts to enable women around the world to be the people that God created them to be.

In order to expand this vital work and fund the ongoing ministry, we are all invited to “stand with our sisters” and contribute to this campaign.  The Southern Province of the Moravian Church in America began the campaign in March of 2017 with a celebration and time of worship, thanking God for what the Unity Women’s Desk has been able to do and envisioning what God’s call may be for the future.  The following words are from the inspiring hymn written by June Wood Edwards for the occasion:

Jesus stands with women who work and pray and preach.

He stands with girls and women who learn and those who teach.

Jesus stands with women in our community,

so we will stand with women throughout the Unity.

Standing with our sisters, our daughters and our sons,

standing with the family of God, that’s everyone.

 Standing with our children, and teaching them the way

 to live out his kingdom, each and every day.

  In September, each Southern Province family will receive information about how they can participate.   Please join us by prayerfully considering how you can stand with your sisters around the world with your contribution to this campaign and by your prayers for the many ways we are called to share the boundless love of Jesus. 

Want to know how you can help with the Capital Campaign? Contact us at or at (336) 725-6413!