Application Forms

This page contains links to the various UWD forms associated with scholarships, loans, and projects. Please review the appropriate sections of this website (Economics and Education) before utilizing these forms.

Scholarship Forms

Loan Forms

Project Forms

Timing of UWD Requests

The UWD Advisory Board meets quarterly to discuss fund requests for scholarships, loans and projects. The funds are disbursed at the direction of the Advisory Board.

If you would like to request funds from the UWD, please ensure your request has been submitted in time to be reviewed by the Advisory Board and acted upon in a timely manner. Please allow time for the UWD Coordinator to request additional clarification, if needed.

PC submits request to SDC; SDC submits request to UWD by: UWD Advisory Board Reviews Requests and makes decisions by: UWD Disburses Funds by:
December 1 (for upcoming year) January 31 March 31
March 1 April 30 June 30
June 1 July 31 September 30
September 1 October 31 December 31

Subdesk and Provincial Coordinators

Once you have completed your application, please locate your Provincial Coordinator on this chart and use her email to send your application to. For the provinces that do not have a provincial coordinator, please send your completed application to the appropriate Subdesk Coordinator for your area. For a chart you can print, click here.

African Region



South. & East. Tanzania



Rev. Agness Njeyo (Subdesk Coordinator) South. & East. Tanzania
Erica Ludela Kisinde Eastern Tanzania Mission Province
Queen Manda Malawi
Lucy Panja Ruvuma-Njombe-Mtwara
Melania Mrema Kyando Southern Tanzania
Agness Njeyo Southwestern Tanzania
Alatwisilua Sakalali TEKU
Elizabeth Mbao Zambia Mission Province
Ikupa Mbukwa Zanzibar

North. & West. Africa



Rachel Lwali (Subdesk Coordinator) North. & West. Africa
Valentine Ntira Burundi Mission Area
Bilonda Marie Cecile Congo Province  
  Kenya Mission Area  
Vaileth Mrope Lake Tanganyika–Tanzania
Everliny Kiandiko Northern Tanzania
Matilda Ndobesi Rukwa
  Rwanda Mission Area  
Rose Harriet Mukooba Uganda Mission Province
Upendo Ludonya Western Tanzania

South. Africa



Colleen VR-Cunningham (Subdesk Coordinator) South. Africa
Lorna Cloete South Africa

American Region






Margo Harris (Subdesk Coordinator) America
Connie Ray Indiana
Claire Yoder Ohio
  New Jersey  
Chloris Hicks New York
  North Dakota  
Virginia Delph Pennsylvania
Marion Perrin Canada
  Southern America  
  Labrador Mission Province  

Caribbean and Latin American Region



English-Speaking Provinces in Caribbean and Latin America



Rev. Ruth Stephenson (Subdesk Coordinator) English-Speaking Provinces of Caribbean and Latin American Region
Bonnie Smith Antigua
Julie Joefield-Parris Barbados
  Garifuna Mission Area  
Hyacinth Taylor Grenada Mission Area
Eulencine Christopher St. Croix/ St. Thomas/ St. John
Nasel Ephraim St. Kitts
Chrystayl Cromarty Tobago
June McMillan Trinidad
Joan Smith Jamaica
Tania Sanrochman-Kioesen Suriname
  Aruba Mission Area  
  Curacao Mission Area  
  French Guiana Mission Province  
Brinmore Phaul Guyana Mission Province
  St. Maarten Mission Area  
Ofelia Alvarez (Subdesk Coordinator) Spanish/Miskitu-Speaking Provinces of Caribbean and Latin American Region
Jane Avila Belize Mission Area  
Alay Gonzalez Cuba Mission Province
Ana Marie Huaman Peru Mission Area
Shirley Martinez Costa Rica
Luz Alvarez Honduras
Lorena Gray Honduras
Delaida Wilson Nicaragua

European Region 






European Region Subdesk Coordinator–TBD Not Available  
Janet Cooper England
Roberta Hoey Ireland
Elona Mandro Albania
Katharina Goodwin Germany
Petra Michelova Czech Province
Jitka Perernova Czech Mission Province
Vani Pradhan Nepal Mission Area
Susan Kundan North India
Ghada Nasser Star Mountain (Unity Undertaking)